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New blog series: QML Engine Internals

In his ongoing series of blog posts, KDAB engineer Thomas McGuire looks under the hood of the QML engine and uncovers some of its inner workings. The articles are based on QtQuick 2 which will ship with Qt5.

Most people know that each element in a QML file is backed by a C++ class. When a QML file is loaded, the QML engine somehow creates one C++ object for all elements in the file. The first blog post examined how the QML engine goes from reading a text file to having a complete tree of C++ objects. In the second post of the series he begins to look into bindings.

Also in our blog section, Stephen Kelly continues his “Last week in Qt development” blog. The latest entry, week 30, covers QLibrary loading performance, release preparations and improved APIs for stable and repeatable unit tests. Read more…



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