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Meeting C++, Berlin, December

KDAB is proud to be a sponsor of the thriving C++ community in Europe represented by Meeting C++ and has been so from the beginning. This year, the event was held in Berlin and sold out, with over 300 attendees. In addition to exhibiting at the event, KDAB’s Marc Mutz gave a well-received talk about the design of a modern C++ value class and several KDABians attended the conference for their own education and delight. Great fun, good food, a great venue, and excellent talks were reported by all.

A particular thumbs up went to Scott Myers, whose opening Keynote on the Evolving Search for Effective C++, not only introduced his latest book but also shared experiences on how to interact and communicate with qualified, intelligent people, offering some great tips on giving better presentations and writing better books, applicable in any context. The closing Keynote from Hartmut Kaiser was also very informative, with its strong arguments for why C++ should strive to build parallel constructs without exposing the complicated concurrency mechanisms or simply adopting the fork/join model of openmp or similar. All the talks will be available on-line early next year and are highly recommended.


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