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KDAB talks at Qt World Summit expert insights across the stack, Oct 11-12

On Wednesday, October 11th


QtStringViews, QtStringViews everywhere, by Marc Mutz

  • on the use and emerging patterns in QtStringview.


What’s New in Qt 3D? by Sean Harmer

  • describing all the new features in Qt 3D 5.8/5.9 and what’s in development for Qt 3D 5.10 and beyond.

QML-driven HMI Architectures for Rolling Embedded Devices by Christopher Sterz

  • revealing best practices for avoiding complexity in QML Car HMIs.


Multithreading with Qt, by Giuseppe D’Angelo

  • outlining the foundations of multithreading programming with Qt.

Using Virtual Keyboards on Qt Embedded Devices by Jan-Arne Petersen

  • including Qt input method API, Qt Virtual Keyboard and more.


GammaRay – taking a deeper look into your Qt application, by Volker Krause

  • with live demos of GammaRay, the Qt profiling tool, and examples of use.

On Thursday, October 12th


QtBluetooth on mobile devices – a dragon guide, by Mathias Hasselmann

  • looking at pitfalls and tricks

QtIVI: Integrating and testing vehicle functions with Qt Automotive Suite 1.2, by Mike Krus

  • looking at QtIVI, code generation and GammaRay.



Breathing life into your Application Animation with Qt 3D by Sean Harmer

  • go in-depth into the new animation aspects of Qt 3D, with the leader of the Qt 3D project.


Earth rendering with Qt 3D by Paul Lemire

  • presenting a possible implementation of a globe renderer in Qt 3D and discussing various issues and solutions.


Interacting with 3D content by Mike Krus

  • Qt 3D, picking devices, Scene3D, Scene2D, manipulators

Integrating out of process graphical content into a QtQuick scene by Giulio Camuffo

  • showing how to make content from an external application in a QQuickItem, via e.g. wayland or eglstream.

Integrating OpenGL in Qt Quick 2 applications, by Giuseppe D’Angelo

  • using raw OpenGL in custom QQ2 applications.

Check out the rooms and see the full program here.

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