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KDAB at ECS, Stockholm, Nov 22-23 Linux perf for User Space Developers, Nov 23

KDAB exhibited at Embedded Conference Scandinavia in Stockholm – Nov 22-23.

Contact us if you met us at Stand 71 and saw our demos there.

On November 23rd at 16:15, KDAB’s Milian Wolff introduced attendees to perf, the Linux tool suite for performance analysis. His talk covered a broad part of what perf has to offer for user space developers. Afterwards, attendees knew how to use perf to find CPU hotspots in their code as well as some tricks to profile wait times for lock contention issues or disk I/O.

Linux perf is a tremendously powerful tool suite for performance analysis: It can do basically everything, from CPU sampling profiling to tracing of syscalls or even dynamic tracepoints in your own code.

While perf is powerful, it is also quite complex and hard to master. Currently, it consists of more than twenty tools, most of which often require custom configuration to get conclusive results. Thus, newcomers have a hard time overcoming the steep learning curve.

This talk aimed to shortcut this process by laying the foundation for any user-space developer to get started with Linux perf. The basic ways to profile CPU hotspots were covered and a dive into some more involved tricks to investigate lock contention or latency issues. Finally, an introduction to custom profiling and data evaluation with Python scripting was given.

About the presenter: Milian Wolff is a Software Engineer at KDAB in Berlin. A long-term contributor to KDE, Milian’s passion for tooling leads him to be one of the most active contributors to KDevelop and Kate Tooling. He is also a Linux perf contributor. Milian is the creator of the Massif-Visualizer and more recently heaptrack tools, both designed to improve memory consumption in applications.

In addition to client work, Milian contributes to GammaRay, KDAB’s Qt runtime introspection tool, and delivers KDAB training in the art of debugging and profiling software with various tools.

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