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Haskell Bindings for Qt Quick

– a new blog series from Christopher Reichert

Haskell QML – List Models in HsQML HsQMLis a Haskell binding for Qt Quick 2 which provides a set of features for integrating QML and Haskell. You can find complete samples on hackage which are great for getting started.

In this post Christopher discusses how to create a model for a QML ListView in Haskell using HsQML.

Why Should I Care? Haskell is a very powerful production-ready programming language with an aptitude for producing software that just works. Christopher’s work at KDAB with Qt and enthusiasm for Haskell has driven him to research the various Haskell user interface toolkits and what they may have to offer for developers and end-users. The HsQML language bindings open up a myriad of opportunity for Haskell development that is otherwise lacking, under-developed, or often unwieldy in other toolkits he has worked with. HsQML brings the power of native fluid user interfaces to the Haskell programming language which could open up a wide range of possibilities across mobile, embedded, and desktop application development.



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