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GammaRay 2.2.0 release

We have published a new feature release of GammaRay, our Qt introspection tool. Major new additions include an object lifetime and signal emission plotter, and a translation inspector. The state machine visualization got a major facelift and the Qt Quick 2 inspector received many fixes and performance improvements, as well as a more detailed material viewer. The QResource browser can now also export data, and the timer profiler supports QML timers too now.

About GammaRay
GammaRay is a free software introspection tool for Qt applications developed by KDAB. Leveraging the QObject introspection mechanism it allows you to observe and manipulate your application at runtime. This works both locally on your workstation and remotely on an embedded target.

Augmenting your instruction-level debugger, GammaRay allows you to work on a much higher level, with the same concepts as the frameworks you use. This is especially useful for the more complex Qt frameworks such as model/view, state machines or scene graphs.

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