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An Example of Rendering with Qt3D

by Sean Harmer

In the previous article we learned that the needs of Qt3D extend far beyond implementing a simple forward-renderer exposed to QML.

In this second part of the series, Sean demonstrates how to use Qt3D and the renderer aspect to produce a custom shaded object and how to make it animate all from within QML, thus putting some of the previous information into context, as well as giving a concrete example of how it looks.

Sean explains how entities can be used to group child objects, about the Mesh element and dynamic generation of per-vertex data, how instantiating components is still not enough (and what you can do about it), about multiple cameras, supported shader stages and making use of the animation elements provided by Qt Quick 2.

The article finishes up with a short resumé of the current status of Qt3D, KDAB’s role in it and how you can get involved.

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