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Qt on Android Blogs

Choosing the right deploying system  After learning how to set up the development environment and how to use Qt on Android, it’s time to move forward.  In Blog 4 in his series, BogDan Vatra talks about different deployment systems and how to sign your package in order to publish it in any Android market. He says: […]

GammaRay 2.0.2 release

On April 18th we published a bugfix release of GammaRay, our Qt introspection tool, further stabilizing and improving the performance of the remote debugging support. Special focus went into improving the handling of heavily multi-threaded targets. Additionally we have restored support for Qt 4.7 on popular request. Meanwhile development on the next feature release of GammaRay continues at full steam, […]

Events, May 14

Come and see us in May and June at the DDC – Device Developers’ Conference. “There will be a lot of knowledge at this event,” said Richard Blackburn, Event Organiser. “This will be a chance for engineers to get up to date and explore new technologies and trends in the industry. Whether it’s hardware, software, enclosure […]

Migrations with KDAB

In KDAB we have done many migrations over the years. We’ve migrated applications from various toolkits, including Motif, MFC, .NET and Tcl to Qt, and application from Qt3 and Qt 4 to Qt5. Our largest migration was an application containing almost ten million lines of code. Migrations present a number of large risks, from ruining […]

Qt on Android Coffee and Code Sessions

This month has seen the first of our series of free Coffee and Code sessions delivered by KDABian, BogDan Vatra, for the benefit of Android developers wanting to use the Qt framework on their favourite platform. For those of you who did not know, BogDan was the man who first ported Qt to Android and […]

Gammaray 2.0.1 release

On February 28th we published a bugfix release of GammaRay, our Qt introspection tool. While focusing mainly on stabilizing and optimizing the brand new remote debugging capabilities, this release also includes support for injection using Clang’s LLDB debugger, which enables Mac OSX 10.9 support. Meanwhile GammaRay development continues rapidly on the next feature release, expected […]