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Events – July 2014

Qt Contributor Summit – Berlin Many old faces, some new faces attended this event on June 10-11, held at the Estrel Convention Centre in Berlin. Over 10 KDABians attended the summit and discussed future developments in Qt and the tooling around Qt. Device Developers’ Conference – UK KDAB’s Sean Harmer and Paul Adams represented KDAB […]

KDAB Company Meeting 2014

KDAB moved itself lock, stock and barrel (well, almost) to the gorgeous City of Gdansk this May for our Annual Company Meeting. We had a terrifically productive week that included an evening on a Pirate Ship, copious fantastic Polish food and Tyskie as well as a friendly football match resulting in only one injury (confessed […]

Kévin Ottens at FISL 15, Brazil, 7 – 10 May

This May, Kevin Ottens, KDE core contributor and KDAB resident Software Craftsman, was invited to FISL 15(free software forum) in Porto Alegre to talk about the KDE Frameworks effort. This project is nearing completion. In the last three years the monolithic kdelibs has been re-architected into more than fifty KDE Frameworks. Each of these frameworks […]

SlideViewer and the DisplayWindow

New blog from Sean Harmer Part 2 in the blog series, “The development of SlideViewer – a QML based presentation program” Following on from the previous articles on SlideViewer, we shall now investigate another piece of the puzzle towards making SlideViewer useable in practise. Namely, getting the content rendered from our domain specific language and […]

In Pixels we trust

Scaleable UIs in QML part 2, Nuno Pinheiro In the earlier post, we talked about the difficulty of scaling Ui’s across the current PPI range we have on the mobile and embedded space. We also hinted that the most common way to avoid this problem was done via providing several image assets that help to […]

DevDays Europe Now Live!

The Qt Developer Days 2014 website is now live! Registration for Qt Developer Days Europe (Oct 6 – 8 Berlin) is now open. Register before midnight on July 18th and qualify for the Early Bird Prize Draw. Also, the Training Day program is now available, choose from ten possible trainings! The Call for Papers is out now […]

Show time for Qt on Android!

Now is the time for you to catch up, starting with a short report of KDABian BogDan Vatra’s recent European tour……   Report –  Qt on Android Coffee and Code – Europe About 20 people attended each of our three Qt on Android Coffee and Code sessions in Europe, quite some turnout given the extreme short notice […]

Free Qt on Android Coffee and Code USA

June 10, 12 and 16. Continuing from our springtime European tour, we are offering hands-on training sessions this June in New York, San José and Chicago.  Each of these will be a free, three-hour, hands-on session that delves into the internals of Qt on Android.   Learn how to: set up the Qt development environment for Android […]

New blog series

Behind the screen – development of a QML application Usually we do not get to talk about the innovative solutions our employees find to almost impossible problems on a daily basis – I guess that  is just part of life as a consulting company. Recently we developed an in-house application, and that gives us the opportunity […]