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Qt WebChannel

 – bridging the gap between C++/QML and the web New blog by Milian Wolff Hybrid applications, which mix a UI built with Qt Widgets or Qt Quick with embedded HTML websites, are very popular. In particular, something like an HTML 5 app framework is often requested by customers. Qt WebKit makes it trivial to embed […]

Creating a PDF from a QtQuick 2 scene in SlideViewer

by Thomas McGuire – new blog page in the SlideViewer series Previously on this blog, we featured a series of articles about our QML-based presentation tool, SlideViewer. To quickly recap: SlideViewer is a presentation program that allows writing slides entirely in QML. There are situations in which the slide deck needs to be available in […]

Vote for presentations you’d like to see

Qt Developer Days Europe: The Call for papers for Berlin ended last night at midnight. We got an amazing 107 different proposals in from 82 different individuals (yes some are so keen on going that they sent in multiple proposals – two people even sent in four each). The first proposal came in just a […]

Qt Developer Days 2014 – Oct 6-8

Qt Developer Days 2014 is up and running and full of interesting information already. Check it out! The Early Bird prize draw offer for Europe closes on July 18th – that’s just four days for you to get your tickets, people, if you want to stand a chance to win one of the sponsored prizes! […]

GammaRay 2.1 released

We are happy to announce the release of GammaRay 2.1, providing the much requested QtQuick 2 support. When introspecting your Qt application with GammaRay you now also have access to the QtQuick item tree, all the item properties, a visualization of anchor layouts and assistance in debugging focus-related issues. When working with custom QtQuick items […]

CMake 3.0 released

Context-sensitive CMake documentation in QtCreator from Stephen Kelly CMake 3.0 was released last week with many major new features and new Qt integration for uic and rcc. A major change with this CMake release is the new documentation system based on reStructuredText and Sphinx. read more…

Code highlighting in SlideViewer

by Tobias Nätterlund A couple of months ago, Jesper Pedersen introduced our presentation tool for trainings, called SlideViewer. As SlideViewer is mainly used for our Qt and Squish trainings, we naturally have many code examples on the slides, ranging from C++ and QML to Python and XML. In this blog post, we will take a […]

QML to Qt Quick Controls

The implication of going from a pure QML (with a C++ backend) application to an application using Qt Quick Controls. from James Turner Several previous [posts] have introduced our SlideViewer tool which we created for use in the various trainings we deliver. The tool started out as an experiment, created using basic QtQuick 2 Items. […]

Ultra-Marathon man!

On the 8th of June, KDAB’s Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos was mad enough to take part in the gruelling 58 km ‘police and thieves’ grand trail run at Ambazac, Limousin in France. Of 700 participants, 442 made it to the end, including a one kg lighter Nicolas. Not only did the participants have to carry most of […]