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KDAB, Khronos and the Vulkan API

Last month we announced that KDAB is now a contributor member of the Khronos Group, enhancing our ability to contribute to the development and integration of OpenGL and Qt even more. Not long after we joined, Khronos announced the Vulkan API. We at KDAB are more than pleased to see that Vulkan will offer a […]

Fun with Android

by Bogdan Vatra Thanks to the Christmas break, Bogdan Vatra has been turning his attention and considerable skills to 0 A.D., an open source strategy game, set around the year zero AD, motivated by a family request. Along the way he works with QtCreator, Android (of course!) and OpenGL and tests a variety of tools […]

An Example of Rendering with Qt3D

by Sean Harmer In the previous article we learned that the needs of Qt3D extend far beyond implementing a simple forward-renderer exposed to QML. In this second part of the series, Sean demonstrates how to use Qt3D and the renderer aspect to produce a custom shaded object and how to make it animate all from […]

Shadow Mapping in Qt3D 2:0

by Giuseppe D’Angelo One of the biggest driving factors behind the design of Qt3D 2.0 is the ability to configure the renderer in order to accommodate custom rendering techniques. In this blog post Giuseppe explain how to render a scene in Qt3D with shadows. You will find out that in its simplest form, Shadow mapping […]

Qt Training in Cluj, Romania

Programming with Qt (Widgets and QML) with András Manția, KDAB KDAB will be giving its first Qt training in the Romanian language on the 23rd February in Cluj. This will be a unique opportunity for Romanian speakers to receive KDAB’s renowned Qt training from one of our Romanian Qt experts. For more information and to […]

KD Reports Release 1.6

Those of you who have discovered how easy it is to create visualizations and to export and print reports from Qt code and XML descriptions, will be pleased but not surprised by the performance improvements and bug fixes in this release. This is the kind of continuous quality improvement that you have come to expect […]

Coming events

January 22nd – Santa Clara, USA Come visit us at Stand 204 tomorrow at RTECC in Santa Clara, USA KDAB will be showing our Motherdemo-on-Windows-CE (“Toradex”), our IPC Trader phone demo and our Map demo on an Android Nexus Tablet. Check out this free entry event, see our demos and come and hear KDAB’s Director, […]