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KDAB welcomes three new KDABians

We welcome software engineer, Guiseppe D’Angelo, to the company. Guiseppe is an active contributor to Qt5 and is a Qt Approver. He is also an active member and moderator of the Qt Developer Network (you may already know him as ‘peppe’ on irc). Guiseppe, originally from Italy, is now based in the London area.

Squish Tip: Interacting with menus and menu items

This month’s Squish Tip comes from one of our Squish experts, Tobias Nätterlund. The article shows how to make interacting with menus easily scriptable, without having to include each menu object into Squish’s object map. The example implementation supports interacting with menus, sub-menus and menu items on any depth in a menu structure.

Meet KDAB at RTS Embedded Systems in Paris

KDAB will be exhibiting at this year’s RTS Embedded Systems at Porte de Versailles, Paris, from April 3rd to 5th. Our team will be running demos of Qt and OpenGL on an Archos tablet; medical software on an Ultratronic demonstrator for an embedded medical device; Kontact Touch running on a Nokia N9; a BeagleBoard running […]

New KDAB Qt Trainings for Embedded Developers

KDAB is proud to introduce a new set of training sessions for application developers targeting embedded platforms and Embedded Linux in particular. Updated for the brand new Qt 4.8 series, these trainings focus on Qt Quick and offer additional topics relevant to developers working on embedded platforms, with demos and labs executed on an ARM […]

Windows Embedded Compact 7 platform support for Qt 5

At KDAB, we believe that Qt’s Open Governance model is a great way to ensure Qt will continue to thrive and be sustainably developed and maintained without relying on any individual stakeholder, no matter how committed. This model can only work if all those who have a strong commitment to Qt do their part and […]

CMake training module created

KDAB’s new Qt training classes now include an extra module on using CMake. CMake is a commonly used build system often used for projects that outgrow the functionality of QMake. KDAB has extensive in-house experience and our engineers frequently recommend it to customers, so it made sense to help those attending our training classes to […]

KD SOAP 1.2.0 released

This latest version of KD SOAP includes fixes for GCC-4.6 and support for Qt 4.8. It now has better error handling, support for network cookies and proxies, improved handling of XML namespaces. On the server side, there are bugfixes and support for delayed responses.

Squish Tip: Clicking link in label

This month’s Squish Tip comes from one of our Squish experts, Tobias Nätterlund. The article explains how to use the new installSignalHandler() function introduced in Squish 4.1 to click a hyper text link in a QLabel, which will continue to work even in the cases of font changes or the actual link being moved around […]