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August ’21 – monthly digest


Qt Developer Conference is postponed

We’re so disappointed we had to take this tough decision, and are super grateful for the support we’ve had from the community and sponsors, who, like us, were looking forward to finally getting together to share all the latest cool stuff in person. But, ‘Safety First’, it was not to be in 2021, so we’re postponing Qt DevCon until next June and will come back with more info as soon as we have it.

As far as possible, we’ll retain the program and training classes we already announced.

Find out more and follow the progress here


KDE Frameworks – Part 1: KConfig

by Nicolas Fella

A Series on Battle-tested Solutions for Your Qt Projects. The KDE Community has been developing a variety of Free Software products using Qt for 25 years now…

Qt is famous for its rich set of high-quality, cross-platform APIs. . . . [it doesn’t cover all use cases], so, to fill in the gaps, over time, KDE has created code that has been incorporated into many KDE projects.

…we share this code in the form of modular libraries…KDE Frameworks.

Read the blog

Improving C++ Development in Visual Studio

by Milosz Kosobucki

As described in our previous blog posts, you can use Visual Studio Code as an IDE for C++ projects. It works particularly well with CMake-based projects. Unfortunately, with build systems not supported natively by VS Code, you need to manually configure include paths and compilation definitions, for the code model to work properly.

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We know how annoying it can be to have to repeat the same task over and over when coding, so we created a bunch of tools to help. You can find more of KDAB’s tools here.

This month, we’ve released version 2.0 of KDReports, which allows you to print and export reports from code and XML descriptions.

KDReports 2.0

This release fully supports Qt6 as well as Qt5.

Find out more


New series: CMake and Qt (Part 1) – CMake Introduction

This month we released a new series of 4 videos dedicated to CMake, given by David Faure. It kicks off with this brief Introductory video where David explains what you will learn. Click the image to watch it.

Go to our CMake and Qt playlist

Qt Widgets and More – new videos

Upgrading to Qt Creator 4.15.1 ­ This is the first of three new videos we added to our Qt Creator Playlist. There you’ll also find one about adding CPP Preferences and Part 1 of a mini-series on Compiling.

In a fourth new video, Jesper continues the compiling theme and moves on to talk about speeding up Compilation using PCH Support in CMake.

See the mini-series on Compiling.

See the full Qt Widgets and More playlist.


Meeting C++ 2021 Online, November 10 – 12

We have two great talks to add to the program at this event. KDAB’s Marc Mutz will present C++ Co-routines as an API Principle, and Leon Matthes will talk about Reimplementing Signals, Slots, Properties, and Bindings from Qt in pure C++17.

Meeting C++ 2021 also offers many interactive formats for learning about C++ and its related environment, and instead of keynotes, an open conversation with Six C++ experts, including the legendary Bjarne Stroustrup -→.

You’ll be able to ask or upvote questions while listening and learning from the best of C++. Don’t miss it.

Find out more and Register

Other Events

Check out our dedicated Events page to see what else to look out for.


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