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Two Q’s for Medical

Touchscreens and modern user interfaces are migrating into every type of medical machine: ultrasound, infusion, CAT, MRI, x-ray, care monitors, surgery displays, information tablets, and even patient self-service systems. Touchscreens are also helping with hygiene requirements as they are liquid-proof and easily disinfected because the display is in a sealed enclosure.

Medical user interface

Qt is an ideal development environment for the new crop of medical devices. It supports these highly graphical and touch-based user interfaces.  As Qt is built on C++, it gives you direct access to the hardware, tighter control over execution timing, and a smaller footprint–all important criteria for embedded medical devices. And there are no hidden libraries, engines, or virtual machines: you have source code visibility at every step, making the FDA, 62304, or any other safety certifications easier.

Similarly, QNX is an RTOS that’s perfectly suited for creating medical products. It has a highly robust architecture and real-time determinism for making reliable products with predictable performance. QNX has connectivity options for hooking up to BlueTooth devices or WiFi networks with authentication, encryption, and VPN tools to make those connections secure. And QNX offers an IEC 62304 certificate if your product needs  medical safety compliance.

Chris Ault from QNX is presenting a webinar this week about how to develop for medical devices, combining QNX with other tools, including Qt. If you’re building an embedded medical device and considering either of the two Q’s, you may want to give it a watch.

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