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2015-12-075Berlin, GermanyProgramming with Qt/QML for EmbeddedEnglish € 1995.00
2015-12-075Berlin, GermanyProgramming with Qt/QML for EmbeddedGerman € 1995.00
2015-12-075Manchester, United KingdomProgramming with Qt/Widgets for the DesktopEnglish £ 1595.00Confirmed
2015-12-075SingaporeProgramming with Qt/Widgets for the DesktopEnglish € 1995.00
2015-12-083London, United KingdomWhat's new in C++11/C++14?English £ 1099.00
2015-12-153Berlin, GermanyWhat's new in C++11/C++14?English € 1500.00
2016-01-123Berlin, GermanyProgramming with Qt/QMLEnglish € 999.00
2016-01-123Berlin, GermanyProgramming with Qt/QMLGerman € 999.00
2016-01-193Macclesfield, United KingdomProgramming with Qt/WidgetsEnglish £ 799.00
2016-01-263Berlin, GermanyWhat's new in C++11/14?English € 1500.00
2016-01-263Macclesfield, United KingdomProgramming with Qt/QML for EmbeddedEnglish £ 799.00
2016-02-093Berlin, GermanyProgramming with Qt/QML for EmbeddedEnglish € 999.00
2016-02-093Berlin, GermanyProgramming with Qt/QML for EmbeddedGerman € 999.00
2016-02-093Macclesfield, United KingdomIntroduction to Modern OpenGLEnglish £ 1099.00
2016-02-163Macclesfield, United KingdomProgramming with Qt/QMLEnglish £ 799.00
2016-03-013Macclesfield, United KingdomWhat's new in C++11/14?English £ 1099.00
2016-03-083Berlin, GermanyProgramming with Qt/WidgetsEnglish € 999.00
2016-03-083Berlin, GermanyProgramming with Qt/WidgetsGerman € 999.00
2016-03-083Macclesfield, United KingdomAdvanced Modern OpenGLEnglish £ 1499.00
2016-03-145Paris, FranceFormation Qt Quick (QML)French € 2100.00
2016-03-153Berlin, GermanyProfiling and Debugging for Qt DevelopmentEnglish € 2000.00
2016-04-053Paris, FranceFormation C++11 et C++14French € 1500.00
2016-05-095Lyon, FranceFormation Qt WidgetsFrench € 2100.00


To flexibly fit our customers’ needs, KDAB plans training courses on a long term basis.  There will be at least monthly Qt Training Courses in Europe and at least four a year in the US. It is always possible to register for seats ahead of the released schedule. All training courses are held in English, unless otherwise specified.

KDAB reserves the right to cancel training courses in the case of too few reservations. In case of cancellation, registered participants will be given the option to either change to another date or to receive a full refund.  No reservation is guaranteed before a confirmation email has been sent and KDAB has received full payment for the training.

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