Want to increase your Qt knowledge? Want to learn how to test Qt applications?
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training_iconAs developers, we understand the difference between being taught something and actually learning it. Experience makes all the difference. Our training courses provide hands-on exercises that help programmers get the material under their skin.

Further, our trainers are not just merely training drones that are capable of telling a story – they are developers themselves who come directly from a real-world commercial development project and go back to that project immediately after the class. Plenty of Qt development “war stories”, time-saving tips and tricks included.

Companies like Shell, IBM, Boeing, Schlumberger, Accenture, EADS, Motorola, Ericsson, and Siemens already know their engineers become productive much sooner with Qt after attending Qt training classes from KDAB. Click here for testimonials for our trainings.

While the trainings have gradually been improved over more than 10 years, we still do not just teach a standard training. Instead every training is tailored to the need of the participants, while relying on a well-tested structure.

Courses we offer

Our flagship Programming with Qt:

Blackberry 10

Specialized trainings

In-depth training courses

Essentials classes

All of the above training courses are offered in English, German, French, Danish, Romanian and Hungarian.

If you are in doubt which training course matches you the best, then we will gladly set up a conference call to discuss your needs in details.

Qt4 or Qt5 based training?

If you are starting a project freshly with Qt, then you obviously want to use the latest and greatest version, namely Qt5. On the other hand if you need to bring a number of people up to speed with Qt for an existing project that is still using Qt4, then you might not want to confuse them with Qt5.

For onsite trainings, the choice is yours!

For our open enrollment classes we now use Qt5, but the instructor will be able to gently point out where there are differences to be aware of, if you are still working with Qt4.

KDAB offers two types of trainings:

Training Courses

Training guaranteed to be held by a certified Qt trainer.

KDAB runs Training Courses in Europe approximately every month and in the US four times per year.  If you can wait for a training course and only need training for one or two people, this might be the best option for you.  An added feature of this type of training course is that you meet developers from other companies and have a chance to discuss how they use Qt.

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Onsite Training Courses

The instructor conducts the training course at your facility or location of your choice.  You choose the training date, time and focus.  If you seek solutions to particular problems, you may spend as much time as you wish discussing them.

We now also offer free use of our training facilities in Berlin as an alternative venue for our onsite training courses.  Read more…

With a Qt training course from KDAB, you’ll get:

  • A trainer who is an active Qt development professional, straight from a real-life project.
  • Training held with the official training material, by the authors themselves.
  • Training held in English, German, French, Danish, Romanian or Hungarian.
  • Training customized to your requirements.

Training from KDAB includes all of the above!


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