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New training: Cascades and Qt development for BB10

Cascades, the GUI layer for the upcoming blackberry platform, keeps evolving at an amazing speed.

We have therefore broadened the scope of our Qt/Cascades training, so that it now focuses more on the BB10 platform and the benefits this brings to development teams. This training now also include information like accessing sensors, publishing applications to the App World store, in-application purchases, application life time and platform UX guidelines.

If you have previously developed Qt applications for smartphones, this might be an excellent chance to update your Qt knowledge with Cascades, so you can get a jump start on this amazing new platform, which for us Qt old-timers still tastes like Qt (C++ and Qt are available underneath the Cascade GUI layer).

We will offer this training on the following dates:

  • Mississauga, Canada: Sep 17th to 21st
  • Berlin, Germany: Oct 8th-12th
  • Bay Area, USA: Oct 22nd to 26th

Details about this training

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