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KD Chart 2.5.0 Released!

KDAB announces availability of KD Chart 2.5.0, the sixth minor release of the KD Chart 2 series.

KD Chart is a comprehensive business charting package with many different chart types and a large number of customization options. We are constantly improving the package to suit customer needs, and have been doing so for years.

Since 2.4, we have added many performance and stability improvements and customization options requested by our customers. There are new runnable examples that demonstrate old and new features or evaluate performance with a given dataset size – which has improved for large data sets in 2.5.

New functionality includes:

  • Optional automatic shuffling of labels in pie charts where they collide
  • Improved print output by adapting line widths to printer resolution
  • Customizable tick lengths on axes
  • Custom spacing around diagrams
  • Better handling of axes shared between charts with multiple constraints

Fixed bugs include:

  • Data points of the wrong sign were not omitted in logarithmic charts
  • Building for ARM machines was problematic
  • Crashes and layout glitches in uncommon scenarios

We have also made improvements to the source code structure, which will help advanced customers who might want to send us patches or use patched versions internally.

The license includes e-mail support and access to our bug tracker.

To find out more or take it for a test drive, visit the KD Chart webpage:

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