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Call for Presentations – Qt Developer Conference

KDAB will host the Qt Developer Conference from November 12th to 14th and we hope to have as many interesting presentations as possible. We therefore invite you to send in proposals for presentations at this URL:

As time to the conference is short, the deadline for proposals is September 23rd (only three weeks from now), and we hope to have a program finalized by October 8th.

We encourage the submission of proposals for presentations that cover as wide a range of Qt and Qt in use as possible. The chosen venue allows for several tracks to be run in parallel and we would like to ensure there are interesting and relevant presentations for all attendees.

To ensure as broad a program as possible we have asked a few highly respected people representing Qt’s best interests to help us select the presentations:

  • Thiago Macieira, Intel
  • Harri Porten, Froglogic
  • George Staikos, RIM

A big thank you goes out to them.

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