About KDAB, the Qt Experts

We help you improve quality, productivity and time to market



KDAB is the first original Qt Services Company and the Global No. 1 provider of independent Qt Consulting and Qt Training.

KDAB mission is to help our customers across industries, geographies and platforms to

  • reduce complexity
  • improve predictability
  • innovate processes, design as well as development
  • make developers and project managers more productive
  • deliver projects faster with functional and high-performing software

As a reliable partner for hundreds of customers, several on the fortune 500 list, KDAB has shown a profitable and stable growth since 1999. In 2014 KDAB had 70+ employees across Americas, Europe and Asia.

For 15 years KDAB’s customers have saved time and improved quality by using KDAB’s software development, consulting and training services across desktop, embedded and mobile operating systems.

KDAB is a leading force in the Qt community through its:

  • Qt expert services
  • contributions to the Qt Project.
  • unrivaled amount and quality of market leading Qt trainings
  • organization of Qt Developer Days in Europe
  • ISO 9000 certification

During the last 10+ years, thousands of developers as well as the owners/developers of Qt have benefitted from KDAB’s Qt training material.

Our Qt Experts are available in Americas, Europe and Asia. We have offices in Berlin (Germany), Vedène (France), Macclesfield (UK), Houston, TX (USA), Hagfors (Sweden) as well as people telecommuting from their home offices.

Many of our engineers have a background in the KDE Desktop Environment and are used to bridging the commercial and open-source worlds.

We can help you select the right Qt licensing option as well as discuss alternative approaches to technical challenges.

We take great pride in our flexibility and in making your project successful, on time and with high quality.

KDAB is one of the founders of Kolab Systems AG, the company behind the Kolab Groupware Solution, which gives KDAB unique insights with regard to secure software implementations across multiple platforms.

KDAB sponsors development sprints, C++ events, various open source initiatives as well as youth sports.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.


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