About Us


KDAB was the first Technical Solution Provider for Qt. For many years we produced the training materials used in the Qt programming courses offered by the owners/developers of Qt. We continue to help develop parts of Qt and are one of the major contributors to the Qt Project. We can give advanced or standard trainings anywhere around the globe.

In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, our engineers also keep abreast of a wide range of related areas: GUI design, databases, XML processing, 2D/3D rendering (OpenGL, OpenInventor, Producer, etc.), network communications, embedded devices, and security.  They stay up-to-date on these areas with a focus on integrating these techniques into Qt programs.

So, contact us today for your Qt-related consulting needs and we might be able to help you tomorrow.  If your need is pressing, we might make it today!  Don’t worry where your company is located.  We’ll go where you want us to go.

KDAB engineers bridge the commercial and open-source worlds.  Many of our engineers have taken part in the development of the KDE Desktop Environment, an open-source desktop environment for UNIX/Linux systems.  KDAB’s founder, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, is also a co-founder of the KDE project and a former long-time president of the KDE foundation. If there’s a benefit to using open-source software in a commercial project, we’ll inform our customers of it and the implications.

Our Customers

Our customers are varied, both in business types and locations. From a multinational corporation such as Boeing to a two-person start-up in rural Germany, we have made engineers more productive and helped them get their products to market sooner.

Through KDAB, Freescale engineers in Beijing learned how to use Qt on a new generation of cell phones.  We ported oil and gas exploration software for Schlumberger at a seemingly insane schedule.  As a result of our work, surgeons now have a UI for medical equipment that can be used with gloved hands. Oracle  has components for their ERP software that were engineered by us.  The German government is using a Groupware solution we developed for thousands of users.  These are only a few examples of what we can do.

So if your company is doing Qt-based development now or is considering doing it in the future, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Since we don’t sell Qt licenses, we can help you evaluate Qt to determine whether it is or isn’t right for you.


We take great pride in our flexibility.  With only three days’ notice, KDAB has taught courses to 25 attendees at a customer’s site on a different continent.  Another customer called us to attend a meeting at their site late one evening, where we provided consultation.  On the following morning we were with customers in a different country.

English is the working language of KDAB and the international software field.   If you feel more comfortable speaking in another language, we can provide engineers and consultants who are fluent in German, French, Danish, Swedish, Romanian, or Hungarian.  Some are native-language speakers.


If you’re running or planning to run a Qt-based project, contact us to find out how we can help you.